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Our Products

All our products are hand crafted in the UK. Both the glass and the metal work is hand cut. Our approach is a fusion of light techniques but traditional craft methods mixed with newer technologies. Out studio is in Hersham near Hampton Court – you are more than welcome to pop in to visit the workshop and have a cup of tea.

Eco-conscious? Us too. We are trying our hardest to source everything we use responsibly and to phase out using any single use materials both in our products and packaging. All the plants we display at shows are sourced locally and are grown in the UK.


Whilst the handcrafted nature of our products means that every item is individual we’d be delighted to work with you to create something personally significant and meaningful to you, whether that is a colourway inspired by the local landscape or a glass panel to celebrate a significant birthday. We can create artwork with you, for you. Take a look at our customer gallery for some of our bespoke pieces.